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The first member of the Symbian^3 running trio, announced at this year’s Nokia world is already making its way towards you. The Finnish company just announced that the C7 shipments have started rolling, making it the second Symbian^3 handset available on the market.

The Nokia C7 isn’t quite as impressive as the multimedia powerhouse that is the N8, but it still puts quite a lot on the table. You get an 8 megapixel (regrettably fixed-focus) camera, capable of recording HD video, and a 3.5″ ClearBlack AMOLED screen of nHD resolution (360 x 640 pixels).

The C7’s 8GB of built-in storage can be expanded through the microSD card slot. Connectivity is fully covered with Wi-Fi (including WirelessN), GPS, 3G (with HSPA) all on board.

All those features should make up for one attractive mid-range smartphone. The thing is its estimated retail price sits at 335 euro before subsides or taxes and with the N8 going for just over 370 euro it might have some trouble making record-breaking sales.