Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Samsung has just announced the availability of its Android-running tablet, the P1000 Galaxy Tab. Rejoice, our German friends! Or don’t, because here comes the cold shower.

Now if that turns out to be the case, we get a feeling that Samsung will have to lower its expectations for the Froyo-running tablet. Being 100 euro more expensive that the 3G-enabled version of the Apple iPad certainly won’t do the Galaxy Tab any favors.

Of course the device is already listed for pre-order at for 600 GBP (680 euros) so this might turn out to be a mistake. Usually pre-order prices are higher than the actual retail value of a product, not lower.

We are obviously doomed to stay unaware of the Tab real pricing until the very last possible moment. The good news is that this moment is just around the corner and the puzzle should finally be solved in the following days. Unfortunately the chances of the Tab being as affordable as we all hoped rapidly dropped after this announcement.